Hi there! I'm Olivia, an NYC-based graphic designer and letterer. I'm currently open for freelance opportunities.

After graduating from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications Design, I have had the great pleasure of working for creative powerhouses like Penguin Random House and event design agency, David Stark Design and Production. Whether I’m setting 9 pt type for a novel, or making graphics scream and shout at 9 ft tall, craft and concept always comes first with my work. I love taking on new challenges and working collaboratively.

I’m also a contributor to the first open-source type foundry The League of Moveable Type. The founder Micah Rich and I work on the newsletter series The Weekly Typographic and are constantly developing new education programs for The League. Together we co-created and co-instructed the League’s first course on typography, Bulletproof Typography.

When I'm not obsessing over design and typography, I'm usually meandering my way through a museum or browsing through the celestial charts at the Argosy Book Store.

Let's grab coffee! Get in touch at oliviakane27@gmail.com